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Get lifetime free WhatsApp Business and free WhatsApp Outbound Messages. Converse with your customers along their journey across WhatsApp, Web, Facebook, and In-App.  along with pre-built 5 workflows. Start automating and scaling customer conversations to unlock 10x growth.

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Get Your Free WhatsApp Business Account empowers brands to meet their business goals while understanding and serving their customers. Unscripted conversations, powered by conversational AI, delivered to your customers, anywhere, and anytime. Also seamlessly switch between bots and live agents. We offer unlimited agent seats. Honestly.  

What's The Eligibility Criteria?

If YES to all the above? Apply Now!


What's in store for my startup?

Access to's platform to build and scale your Customer Support effortlessly, securely, and accurately. Post-sales onboarding support, pre-launch workflow creation, 15 pre-built bots, and FAQs deployed - all powered by our proprietary NLP.

What is the evaluation process, and how much time does it take?

Based on the information shared by you, our team will evaluate and make the final call. In some cases, we might ask you for additional information to make a better decision. All of this will only take 7 days.

How Other Startups Have Found Success With

"Understanding customer’s concerns/context is the key to an efficient self serve. We have been collaborating with to drive this mission and have come a long way"

Gaurav Tejwani, Vice President - Products

Apply Now is the only platform that offers you enterprise-grade security - only you see your company’s conversation logs. Automatically redact sensitive data either by use case design or proactively via configurable regex rules. We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. 

Automate Support. 
Build Relationships

The Program For Early-Stage Consumer Startups

  • Access to's proprietary bot builder platform with ready-to-deploy FAQs and Workflows

  • Upto 3 Channels to Deploy Customer Support Bot Including WhatsApp

  • Get unlimited agent seats and 3 months of data storage to boost your customer support

  • Deploy support on 3 channels and get real-time data on dashboard and analytics

  • Get enterprise-grade security with 99.99% uptime, DDoS protection and active recovery configuration

Why is the program limited to specific industry verticals? comes with extensive experience in the specified industry verticals. We also have ready-to-use templates and best practices for these verticals which can accelerate your business growth.

Why is doing this?

The for Startups is one of our initiatives to help early startups in the ecosystem pave their path to accelerated customer support automation.

I don’t have a support specialist. Can I still apply?

From the moment you sign-up, we will guide you through every step. After you go live, anyone from your team can own this up. We will do the heavy lifting.

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What kind of impact can this program create?

Expect up to 60% automation of support queries within 30 days with 92% CSAT. Achieve a 100x scale in your customer support.

"The first response time and handling time for chats has improved. I also have more visibility and data on all interactions which allows me to control agent bandwidth"

Fady Jabrah, Manager - Customer Experience

What's The Eligibility Criteria?

If YES to all the above? Apply Now!